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How to make steroids at home

Posted on 11th Jan 2012 @ 11:35 AM

How to make steroids at home

Many people ask this question that is it possible to make steroids at home? The answer is very simple. Yes, of course, you can make steroids at home very easily and very cheaply. There is neither any place restriction nor any special process is needed. If you are interested in making these steroids, one thing you should keep in your mind that it is obviously not legal. Even then if you are still interested, then it is advisable to have a complete knowledge about the proper potency and sterility of your drugs. Otherwise you will be a great looser.

The world has transformed into a global village now and everything is in the reach of everybody. The things required for making home-made steroids are just at a clicks’ distance.  There are a large number of different methods for making steroids at home easily available on net. The kits for making these drugs are also at a hands distance. What you have to do is to order it on-line and make payment. You will receive the kit in your home. You can make both steroids – injectable as well as tablets- at home. The online available so-called legal steroids are mostly either under-dosed or contaminated and there is never money back guarantee for such type of products. When you make your own steroids at your home, you will be very particular about the potency and the sterility of your drug because it is the matter of your health. At the same time, you will save your hard-earned money as the beauty of these drugs is their production cost.

There are several methods of making steroids. You have to choose one that suits you most. The most common way of making steroids is to make it with the help of a kit. This kit is easily available on net and normally there is a bottle of oil and a bottle of dissolving solution provided in the kit. This dissolving solution is called a magic solution as it has magical quality of dissolving steroid in it and the best thing is this that helps in making pain free injections. Earlier on, benzyl alcohol was used to dissolve the steroids in but these types of steroids were always painful. This is the easiest way of making injectable steroids.

The exact ratio of different objects is necessary to make a perfect steroid at home. Whether you make a tablet or an injection; you should be very particular about it. At the same time, you should not try to make a high potency steroid at home; especially with the low absorbent oil as it does not have the ability to absorb even normal potency. If you do so, you would be unable to get the required results and the whole exercise will end in nothing.

The most important thing in this whole process is this that first you make up your mind and think a lot about what you exactly need and the way in which you are making them is right or not because when you decide it once and started it, there will be no way back.