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Steroids make your penis hard

Posted on 20th Mar 2012 @ 10:06 AM

Steroids make your penis hard


This question that “do steroids make your penis hard?” is one of the many misconceptions that are commonly associated with the use of steroids. Many people want to know that do penis shrinks due to the use of steroids or do they help to make it hard? People who are just going to start their cycle of steroids or the people, who have been on steroids for long, both show the equal concern about this issue.

It is a proven fact that the size of penis does not change in any way. No matter, what you eat or take as your supplements; no matter, what you do in your workouts; the size of your penis remains the same. Only steroids affect the size if you start using steroids during your puberty. But even in this case, the effect is very minor. So nobody should show any concern in this regard.

It is true that steroids are synthetically formed testosterone and estrogen hormones that are either taken by mouth or are injected in body. Both have their own pros and cons and both are used for different reasons. If teen-agers use steroids without estrogen and with lots of testosterone hormones, they examine the increase in the size of their penis and also find it a little more hard than its usual tendency. But this is a short term effect and continues use of these drugs makes the case reversed. It means that with the use of artificial testosterones, the body stops making these hormones naturally and the testicle becomes shrinking as they have nothing to do to perform their natural duty. So we can say that the steroids affect testicles and not the penis.

So far as the hardness of the penis is concerned, nothing affects it; neither in a good way nor a bad one. This is a misconception that steroids shrunken the penis or they make it harder than their normal strength. No doubt, steroids affect the balls but this effect is temporary and as you stop your cycle, the size of the balls comes to its normal range. Only in case of very long and hard steroids cycles, the reversal is difficult.

Another way of understanding this process is this that steroids affect the growth of your body until you reach at the age of adulthood. After that these drugs can improve your muscles, enhance your powers and make you able to show good results but they cannot help you in the growth of your body. Same is the case with your penis. Steroids cannot change its size; neither can it make harder or softer. It is only a myth and it should be treated as a myth.

As a whole, there are many misconceptions related to the usage of steroids. It is the need of the time to correct all the wrongs and present the true picture of these drugs. They are not as dangerous as they are commonly thought of. They have many positive features that should be unveiled so that men can make use of these steroids in their proper way and they can benefit mankind.